Additional Pictures for Day 5 (Part 2) – Tabgha, Eremos and St. Peter’s Fish

Images on this page are from our 2014 pilgrimage.

Pictures below and on the previous blog post page were taken by group members: Karen Booth, Brit Brintnall, Mary Brintnall-Peterson, Cheryl Deininger, Anita Eichhorn, Robyn Essler, Don Maas, Luanna Parr, Gaines Richardson, Juliana Spring, Nanci Valentino and Cheryl Wood. Click on thumbnails to enlarge.

Additional pictures of Tabgha: Church of the Multiplication

 2014-03-22 10.55.59 Image 596 Image 388 10305973_506715242765646_6625075511681821989_n  2014-03-22 10.52.08

Additional pictures of Tabgha: Primacy of Peter

Image 610  10275928_506716442765526_6391021577785988812_n Image 612 62+PrimacyPeter 10156012_506717672765403_2124101186825072599_n Hpim1446 hyrax 2014-03-22 10.56.28 Image 605 Image 609

Additional pictures of Tabgha: Wading in the Sea of Galilee

Image 617 cheryldIMG_2909 cheryldIMG_2902 anita Image 399 10176106_506717322765438_4876125335081761826_n

Additional pictures of the Cave of Eremos

eremos+road1 eremos+road2  eremos+hike1 eremos+hike2   eremos+teaching3 eremos+teaching1 eremos+cave1  eremos+cave2

Additional pictures of St. Peter’s Fish lunch

fish+rest3 fish+rest2 fish+rest1 fish+group2 fish+group1 fish+group3


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