Additional Pictures from Day 4 (Part 1) – Nazareth

Images on this page are from our 2014 pilgrimage.

Pictures below and on the previous blog post page were taken by group members: Karen Booth, Brit Brintnall, Mary Brintnall-Peterson, Cheryl Deininger, Anita Eichhorn, Robyn Essler, Don Maas, Luanna Parr, Gaines Richardson, Juliana Spring, Nanci Valentino and Cheryl Wood. Click on thumbnails to enlarge.

Additional pictures of early morning Tiberias and Nazareth.

Dscn0503 Dscn0525 Dsc01405

Additional pictures of the Basilica of the Annunciation.

anp1 anp2 anp4 anp5 anp15 anp5a anp6 anp7 anp8 anp8a anp9 anp9a anp11 anp12anp13 anp14a anl1 anl2 anl2b anl2c anl4 anl5a anu2anu3anu4e anu4 anu4a anu4b anu4c anu4d anu5 anu7 anu8b anu8a anu8c 2014-03-21 10.29.48

Additional pictures of the Church of St. Joseph.

cheryldDSCN0354 gaines33 sj1 sj3 sj5 sj4 sj6 sj9 sj10

Additional pictures of Mt. Precipice.

Dsc01411 Hpim1410


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